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30th october 2020

So this year instead of releasing a full new video we decided to release loads of little ones and work on smaller projects such as collabs and one off prints while trying to plan for the future and get everything sorted for 2021 with string hopes that everything gonna be aiiight! Just before filming  for my ender in the last video (see below) I was introduced to jack by tc rider Liam Tapey Hill and started filming some insta clips and doubles with tapey. I knew that i wanted to make a video but at the time wasnt sure what to do so many ideas like archive stuff and insta mash ups but if anyone knows me i like to make a good edit. So i gathered what we had of jack so far and asked if he wanted to make a little video. Was hyped on how it turned out and stoked to have you on board man! cant wait to see what else you gonna put down for tc! - mush



30th July 2020

After we were released back into this crazy world i started work on a new part filled with all boneless tricks. I really wanted to land the boneless 180 down the Prissick Plaza 7 stair as i rolled both my ankles trying it end of last year for our full video highlighting summer 2019 at Prissick! (scroll down for that post) Ill say now i did land it in this video but its not the ender! ;-p Hope you enjoy new video in the works already! - MUSH


14th july 2020

HAPPY GO SKATEBOARDING DAY! Well since our last video things have turned out ok for skateboarding so far. Its been good to reflect on everything and have some time to work on stuff. So little late with this even though we didnt get to put an event on this year due to the current situation with social distancing a few of us got together at preston park for a fun session to enjoy the celebrations and get that first tatse of normality! We will be back next year to party extra hard masks or no masks!

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3rd May 2020

Well we got to make the most of what we have and work what we got so i rounded up some instagram clips from some of the crew to make this lockdown video. Thanks for the memories Corona!


16th January 2020

Starting off 2020 with a new team rider announcement. This guy has been hammering it non stop all last year so we acked up some of his bst bits for this rad video welcome to the team dude!

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Hunchy B INSTA!


29th November 2019

Here it is! Prissick - A summer skateboarding video filmed enitrley at prissick plaza skatepark! This video was 7 month in the making so hyped to finally have it out! Big thanks to everyone involved! Hope you all enjoy - mush


5th October 2019

Earlier this year around April we found out that health and saftey at our local plaza had lifted the helmet rule although ourselves and others attempted to take action against the rule a couple of year back I dont think it was any of our words of advise and research that we splurted out to staff who wanted to help but just wernt sure how to go about it! Eventually they just decided on bringing in a waver so that we can sign up as new members and fill out disclamers that we skate at own risk without helmets if over the age of 16.

Since then we have been filming there non stop all year and released 2 parts for UK riders. A local lad from South Sheilds, Lewi Johnson aka 'The Cougar' came through for tc and within 2 sessions he literally tore the place apart! Our man Craig Loveless drove up from Dorset to film for his recent section and we also managed to plan and put on our first skate jam event where skaters from Newcastle, Scarborough and essex came through to support the park in aid of raising awareness that its back in action! (scroll down for those 3 videos)

The love for this park is unreal and will always have a place in our hearts so we wanted to highlight the best times, document all the fun and put out a full video that reflects what its all about! This is the trailer for that video coming soon! For updates on the release and more follow us on the  TC INSTA


July 6th 2019

Our man Craig Loveless driven 5 and half hours to come skate our new local Prissick Plaza for the first ever Think Culture Clothing SKATE JAM event! We met up the day before Go skateboarding day to film a few bits at the park and then managed to get a few extras on the day of the jam before he had to head back for another long drive home. Always a sick session with this guy and cant wait till our next session! YES CRAIG NPNG boiiiiii!


June 26th 2019

Highlight edit from our first ever hosted skate jam! I dont know why we didnt start doing these ages ago. IT WENT OFF! Such a sick day Skaters from all over the UK came through to celebrate 'International Go Skateboarding Day' with us at Prissick Plaza and we will now deffos be doing this again next year bigger and better, who's down? Big thanks to everyone who came and killed it! To the other sponsors - Black Spell and Bonsai skateboards for supplying the goods and to the company who owns the park Everyone Active for letting us do it! What a way to break in the summer! Till next year!


June 5th 2019

Was so much fun editing this! Myself and The North East's one and only Lewi Johnson hit up Prissick Plaza for a couple of filming sessions. Both days were brutal the weather was unforgiving but was no match for The Cougarrrr! If your local youll know but if not basically this guy shreds shit up! We cant wait for the summer but for now sit back and prepare for the bangers he came away with!


March 9th 2019

Started off the year with the release of my first ever skate part all for fun! The clip I chosen for the ender felt like a dream! Check it out! - Mush

***Think Culture BEST OF 2018!*** - December 30th 2018

2018 has been our most productive year in regards to droppin edits (not so much clothing but deffos the most edits in one year) So hyped to squeeze one last one in there before the year is up.

We kicked it all off with the last tc film installment ft James Binks and a welcome edit for Craig Loveless! While Alex Decunha dropped a welcome part for Revive skateboards sister company FORCE Wheels and killin comps all over the place we were droppin Jonny Fairlambs banging 4mo Dojo edit! (DeCunha also took a trip to New York for some clips in FOUR, Force Wheels new full length!)

Ending the year on a high with Liam TAPEY Hill's 'FLAT CLUB' Part and a highlight edit from the Shred the North Tyne Tees SLAM JAM event at the end of November! YES!

Other than those 5 main edits there's been loads of 'insta moments' worth noting including Preston park footage from Fairlamb and Friends in the summer, A 5-0 tre flip out and 50-50 Airwalk out from Tapey (tapey also got hooked up by Weird Tricks team) Decunha's clip after clip of straight fire hitting the gram on the daily and not forgetting Freddie Coote's mad caveman stuff around the town!

For skating the same old spots over and over we actually do alright for footage haha. Big thanks to everyone for your support in 2018 and here's to another sick year!

Shred The North's SLAM JAM 2018! -

November 2018

Our highlight clip from this years Shred The North Tyne Tees SLAM JAM held at 4Motion Darlington

Hit the links below to be taken to Shred the North's social medias for updates and news on next years event and more events in the North east area!



Liam TAPEY Hill's "FLAT CLUB" Part -

November 2018

6 mins of tech madness from our man Tapey in his new flat ground part! Hit the link below for his Instagram account CLICK for more TAPEY!

Jonny FairLamb's "DoJo4Mo" 

September 2018